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Apricot Beauty Opens Up

In this post and the next I’m going to indulge myself by taking you through the life stages (and many moods) of Apricot Beauty.


Apricot Beauty is one of the commonest tulips there is—if a general garden catalogue has a few bulbs as a sop to bulb enthusiasts, Apricot Beauty will be one of them. The same is true for a hardware store that has little interest in plants, but will carry a few because people expect them.

It’s not a tulip that lasts well from season to season—or at least I haven’t yet figured out a way to make that happen. If I want Apricot Beauty bulbs in spring, I must order them each fall.

Some years, I’ve turned away from Apricot Beauty. There are so many other, more exotic and interesting and new bulbs to try. Even though I spend outrageous amounts of money on bulbs (considering my income), I have only so much, and I have to fit them all in the budget. And plant them.


But the years I haven’t ordered Apricot Beauty, I’ve always missed it in spring.

You can see how many color variants it has—and its colors change as it ages, too.


Next post: Apricot Beauty, the mature life

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  • plantgirl May 30, 2008, 2:04 pm

    those are gorgeous pics – I’m looking to see which tulips to plant later this year/next as I’ve just moved here & there are no tulips :(
    thanks for visiting my blog & your link for seeds – will check it out :)

  • deb May 31, 2008, 7:36 am

    Just found you blog on blotanical. Nice pictures.


  • Pomona Belvedere May 31, 2008, 7:46 am

    Hi, glad you enjoyed the pictures. I’m planning to do some bulb catalogue/website reviews soon (since this is the best time for ordering bulbs, if you want to make sure you get the ones you want). Plantgirl’s comment makes me realize I can also make this an excuse to talk about (and show pictures of) some of my favorite tulips.

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