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See the sites! Here’s a mixed bouquet of fun, refreshing, and interesting sites. An ongoing project.

Totally gorgeous pictures beautifully laid out, with knowledgeable and entertaining comments. Many unusual plants and varieties featured.

As the Garden Grows
Gorgeous garden pictures and home of Green Thumb Sunday–each Sunday, you post a picture of a plant, landscape, or nature scene.

Garden Rant
A fun site with everything but the kitchen sink–videos, reviews, links, and comments on every aspect of gardens, gardeners, and gardening. “A single Handy Garden Tip can ruin our entire day.”

Hortus Bulborum
The Noah’s Ark of bulbs. Started by a school headmaster in the 1920s, this group preserves old bulb varieties that have passed out of commercial cultivation. You can select English if you don’t read the tongue of the Netherlands.

Inadvertent Gardener
A very entertaining blog on gardening and blogging from a beginning gardener. Recipes included.

Kari’s Garden
A British take on old tulips, their types and preservation, written by a fan. And a valuable resource for cultivation tips, photos, and links, on many many plants, all in a handy index.

Mouse and Trowel
A blog about garden blogging, with lots of links to good blogs. This is the home of Mouse and Trowel awards for garden blogs. The awards are in several categories: best writing; best photography; most innovative; best international blog, and more.

Seven Arrows Herb Farm
“Survival isn’t what it’s cut out to be, get out and have more fun!” Seven Arrows focusses on how gardens and humans interact. I visited their farm and found it full of interesting plants, high-quality herb products, handcrafted gardens (incredible stonework and garden art), hospitality, and cats.

Snappy Croc’s Garden
Incredibly beautiful photos and irreverent prose from an English back-yard gardener. A record of gardening life, including growing experiments, visits to public gardens, and bouquets picked. Also photos of garden deity Snappy Croc.

One of the blogs I go to when I need refreshment from a frazzling day. Beautiful photos, often accompanied by poetry and philosophy (garden-variety), or some practical advice.

This Garden is Illegal
Fun and educational news from Cleveland, Ohio. What type of flower are you? Take the test and see.